Responsive Europa

Beyond the artist's book

This installation was presented at the Porto Design Biennial 2019 using two video projectors. Following several discussions about the exhibition, Demian Conrad asked Antonio Rodriguez for a poetic text to repeat the “responsive typography” experiment set up for the “Artists & Robots” exhibition. Demian Conrad had worked on the Metafont algorithm since 2016. The third version of this project enables the exploration of generative fonts based on words and poetic derivations of words.

The poem develops based on the word “Europe”, in connection with Antonio Rodriguez’s poetic trilogy. The text plays on the derivations of, and split in, the word “Eu-rope”. Written during the Brexit process, the text, in English, explores (not without irony) the difficult union of European peoples. It plays on the principles of the division and union of the “continent”, of what should – given the word – “hold together”, but no longer does. This project unfolds like a 2019 version of a “Hymn to Joy”.

While the project had been developed for two projectors, LG’s 42-inch double-sided screen allows the anthem to be shown across two screens, making it possible to have parallel montages, in silent and opposite chorus, and to recall the principles of the artist's book through double-sided effects.

Demian Conrad, CfFP
Antonio Rodriguez, UNIL

Creative coding:
Pierre Rossel

Partner (screens):
Plasmacom SA