I am a chorus

Augmented performance

This installation fulfils one of poetry’s dreams: that of the poet becoming his own chorus. The simultaneous performance on five screens is an attempt to intensify the  internal voices that are responding to one another. Charles Pennequin, one of France’s finest performers, reads two texts that give the experience poetic meaning. He answers himself, introduces various voices: the text becomes clearly polyphonic, while remaining focused on a performer whose image is multiplied.


Filmed and recorded five times, Charles Pennequin's performance is then simultaneously rebroadcast on five screens arranged in a semicircle, offering the visitor an enhanced poetic performance: the poet’s main voice is accompanied by a chorus of four different voices, each performed by Charles Pennequin. The sound is also spatialised to offer an ideal synchronisation of the auditory and visual location. Indeed, the spectator intuitively and instantly feels the sound’s exact geographical origin – even before the eyes turn towards its source. Our auditory system is extremely efficient for this. Equipped with a specific graphics card and dedicated video software, a  single PC simultaneously broadcasts the 5 high-definition videos as well as the 5 sound channels to the 5 speakers, the latter of which are located as closely as possible to the 5 screens showing the actor.

Antonio Rodriguez, UNIL
Tribute to Sarah Kenderdine

Acting, text:
Charles Pennequin 

Video footage:
Sébastien Reichenbach 

Sound production and video broadcasting:
Pierre-André Aebischer 

Production support :
Nadejda Magnenat, FNS / UNIL