Digital Lyric

Emotion beyond the book

Digital technology offers an opportunity for poetry, in the same way as poetry enriches digital technology. Rather than distancing us from consciousness or sensibility, technological innovations can generate an embodied anchoring and a far more direct, participatory, and affecting contact with poetry. In the 19th century, poetry was a symbol of the cultivated democratic elite and of the book as luxury product in the West. In the digital age, this genre becomes a fascinating space within which to explore our relationship to the text today – not as a clash of generations, epochs or media, but as a means to better address the challenges of our own time.

This exhibition links the skills of prestigious Swiss academic, artistic and scientific institutions according to a simple guiding principle: the emotion of poetry with and beyond the book.


Antonio Rodriguez, Sarah Kenderdine

Nicolas Baldran, François Bavaud, Loïc Cattani, Demian Conrad, David Héritier, Christian Kaiser, Mélanie Lancien, Isaac Pante, Andrei Popescu-Belis, Aris Xanthos

Paul Choppin, Juan Gomez, Eléa Rochat

Marion Thain

Marie Thorimbert

David Deppierraz

Sound Engineering:
Pierre-André Aebischer

Image Directors:
Julie Dekimpe, Vincent de Vevey, David Monti, Sébastien Reichenbach, Scenicview SA

Partnerships (screens):
Plasmacom SA

Media design/code:
David Deppierraz, Patrick A. Donaldson, Kerria Grize, Nikolaus Voelzow

Isabelle Caillat, Shin Iglesias, Yves Raeber, Michel Voïta

Melina Marchetti

Marc Atallah, Olivier Bianchi, Benjamin Bollmann, Sophie Donche-Gay, David Guignet, François Fabrizi, Sylvain Froidevaux, Philippe Gagnebin, Nicolas Gyger, Laurence Iseli, Perrine Huber, Mary Ellyn Johnson, Johanne Jordan, Philip Lindholm, Dave Lüthi, Nadejda Magnenat, Alexia Mathieu, Nicole Minder, Nora Naji, Nathalie Pichard, Patrizia Ponti, Chloé Revelly, Charles Roduit, Stéphanie Romon, Tim Schmittler, Swissnex San Francisco, Andres Pérez Uribe, Yann Thoma, Pierre Thoma, Daniel Sciboz, Anne-Catherine Sutermeister, Sandra Willhalm