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The transnational heritage of Western Switzerland

This film presents a reworked form of the launching of the book Le Poème et le territoire (Noir sur blanc, 2019) based on a launch party hosted by the University of Lausanne on June 3, 2019. This collective work presented Western Switzerland’s considerable poetic heritage. Byron, Wordsworth, Hugo, Lamartine, Rilke, Hardy, Borges are among the great figures of world literature who, during their European meanderings, sought – and found – the sublime by contemplating the lakes, mountains, castles, vineyards, and vast plains of Switzerland. It also features many major poets born in this region including Cendrars and Jaccottet of course, but also Gustave Roud, Anne Perrier, Alexandre Voisard, Corinna Bille, and the singer Jean Villard Gilles. To these authors from here and elsewhere, Switzerland owes an image built on the enthusiasm of the first travellers and then the tourists who – following in the poets’ footsteps – came in pilgrimage seeking to immerse themselves in the same landscapes. A true "lyrical valley", Western Switzerland brings together a rare aesthetic density and establishes itself as a veritable poetic world heritage.


This project is not actually based on technological innovations per se, but on how to make a transnational heritage known in a relationship between a book and a multimedia film. The director sets about suggesting a path through the pages by highlighting the reading’s graphic components, while the voice-over narrates in a way that supports the documents’ presentation. The film is based on the slideshow developed for this occasion.

David Monti, UNIL

Julie Dekimpe

Antonio Rodriguez, UNIL

Marco de francesco

Book layout:
Pascale Toschini Portner

Noir sur blanc